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Where we always see the physical and natural, Our God works in the Supernatural. He uses anything and everything to communicate with us. The great thing about God is that He sees us in all our mess but loves us enough NOT to keep us there. So, join us at Oneighty as we dive in and see how we are WIRED through the love of Jesus and how He created us to build relationships with those around us. 

Find the one, become better together than you were apart, and date with no regrets. You’ve got relationship goals, and we want to help you reach them. 

Too many people have never approached God with the concept of "new". Most have resigned themselves that God will just improve their messed up life but that they could never be their best, and think they will just wait and be perfect in heaven. God wants to make all things new now through Christ.

  1. Brand New - Notes

  2. Change The World - Notes

This is a wake-up call to stop living as if the purpose was to simply arrive safely at death. Our dreams should scare us. They should be so big that without God they are impossible to achieve. Quit running away from what you’re afraid of. 

  1. Who Are You Running With? Part 1 - Notes

  2. Who Are You Running With? Part 2 - Notes

  3. Honor - Notes

  4. Honor Up - Notes

  5. How To Honor God? - Notes

  6. Honor Down: Part 1 - Notes

  7. Honor All Around: Part 1 - Notes

  8. Number 1 - Notes

What creature are you feeding? Join us as we learn about the power of habit in our upcoming series Creature Of Habit.

  1. To Good To Be True - Notes

  2. Fire Your Autopilot - Notes

  3. Signe of Revenge - Notes

  4. Ready To Rumble - Notes

  5. Unleash The Creature Within - Notes

  6. Path of Stupidity - Notes

  7. Word Life - Notes

Relationships can be complicated. Everybody wants to have good relationships, but this can be hard and we can get things wrong. Do you want to know how to have a good relationship?

  1. Why Relationships? - Notes

  2. Why Date? - Notes

  3. Girls Panel

  4. Guys Panel

  5. The Right Way - Notes

  6. The Fight - Notes

  7. Meet The Terribles - Notes

  8. The Battle Plan - Notes

When we’re pushed to our limit, we have a choice to make. Will we choose the path of least resistance or will we have the courage to take a Stand? In this five-week series, learn about Daniel and five important points in his life when he stood for God. Covering everything from him being first captured as a boy to the lion's den to the fiery furnace, we'll see Daniel and his friends Stand Up, Stand Strong, Stand In, and Stand Firm for God.

  1. Stand Out - Notes

  2. Stand Up - Notes

  3. Stand Strong - Notes

  4. Stand In Faith - Notes